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Get the Strength of Stainless Steel Plus the Chemical Inertness of PEEK with New Biocompatible UHPLC Column Hardware

New Biocompatible UHPLC Column Hardware


Reduce unwanted surface interaction and preserve the integrity of your biological samples — even under harsh solvent or pH conditions. Our biocompatible PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel (PLS) Column Hardware is designed for use in demanding UHPLC applications that require metal-free, highly inert flow paths, such as high resolution biomolecule separations, ion chromatography, or processes that can be corrosive to traditional stainless steel hardware.

Biocompatible Column Hardware Features
  • Packing Pressure Rating of 20ksi (1,379 bar)
  • Operating Pressure Rating of 15ksi (1,034 bar)
  • Improved pressure handling capability over conventional PEEK column
  • Columns remain durable over hundreds of injections
  • Available in 2.1 and 4.6 mm IDs and a variety of standard length configurations
  • Comes with removable frit assemblies in Titanium and PEEK options
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Superior Product Features

Biocompatible UHPLC Column Features

Metal retainer exterior provides necessary support to prevent movement of PEEK lining in retainer assembly

PEEK sealing nose extends out from steel outer liner for easier cleaning

Strong stainless steel walls help prevent movement under pressure

PEEK liner provides metal free fluid path

Connections are made with MarvelX™ fittings



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