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Advance Your Fluidics Systems with Our Expanded Portfolio of MarvelX UHPLC Connections

MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems


Due to customer demand, our experts have increased the number of length and ID configurations from our initial eight, to a selection of 55 robust configurations. MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems have been designed for easier routing throughout your instrument, with consistent performance and superior re-usability. Built with a convenient, removable stainless steel fitting and changeable precision-cut flexible tubing, MarvelX can be used up to 200 times! This amazing design only requires 2 in-lbs of installation torque, and seals up to 19,000 psi (~1,310 bar). MarvelX is compatible with 10-32 coned receiving ports and is truly finger-tight — no tool required. 

MarvelX better, easier finger-tight connection systems
  • Now available in Over 50 ID and Length Configurations 
  • Finger-tight to 19,000 psi
  • Reusable up to 200 Times
  • Zero Dead Volume
  • Biocompatible
  • No Peak Tailing
  • High Plate Efficiency
  • Robust Tip Minimizes Chance of Damage
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MarvelX UHPLC Connection Technology vs. Conventional Coned Fitting

MarvelX UHPLC Fittings

MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems

Conventional Coned Fittings

MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems

MarvelX UHPLC fittings do not depend on ferrules. They seal at the bottom of the port, without complex techniques, which significantly reduces required torque and enables many more connects and disconnects. Furthermore, they are virtually impossible to over-tighten by hand, limiting wear and increasing product life. An enhanced proprietary tip design also ensures zero dead volume (ZDV) and better chromatography results.

Conventional coned fittings require a ferrule in conjunction with a fitting for proper sealing. They depend on complex techniques, including tools, to improve sealing performance, which significantly increases probability of extra internal volume and poor chromatography results. The excessive force needed for tightening increases wear of expensive components and the likelihood of replacement, adding to overall costs.


Explore the features and capabilities of our new MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems



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